My name is

Andrew yamamoto

I'm a ...

What have I done?

Elahn Industries Role: Design/Development Created: 2009
Print Fullfillment Role: Design/Development Created: 2006
Real Estate Temps Role: Design/Development Created: 2010
Tele Providers Role: Design/Development Created: 2011
Kilroy Realty Role: AS3 Development Created: 2011
Lewis Apartments Role: AS3 Development Created: 2011
Pizookie Role: Game Development Created: 2009
Consume Role: Design Created: 2013
VocoPro Role: Print Design Created: 2004
VocoPro Role: Print Design Created: 2004
VocoPro Role: Illustration Created: 2004
Sessions Role: Logo Design Created: 2006
Excellence Programs Role: Logo design Created: 2013
USA Toys Role: Logo design Created: 2006

Who am I?

I'm a Designer. I've had many events in my life that have lead me to where I am today. My love for design started with one of my hobbies; which are video games as well as music.

Although I don't design for the video game or music industry, I believe the same concept can apply to web design and developement. I have spent a lot of years in the dark trying to learn and fine tune my craft to be the best that I can as well as provide my clients with good design and interface "userability".


Some Trades I am a "Jack" of


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